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Be The Man Flowers
Yes, You Remembered.


What the Heck is Bespoke (and How Can I Get It)?

10 Tips for Being a One-of-a-Kind Gentleman

Be The Man Flowers
Yes, You Remembered.

What the Heck is Bespoke (and How Can I Get It)?

10 Tips for Being a One-of-a-Kind Gentleman

For our first Be The Man blog post, we thought it suitable to dedicate this inaugural bliss to another first of its kind: The quintessential icon of manliness, the original men’s fashionisto, the king himself. Elvis Presley.

Elvis not only defined rock ‘n roll, he also introduced the world to men’s fashion. He lived and breathed bespoke just by being himself, which is the secret to bespoke itself. Definition of bespoke: It's a trendy, elusive way of saying 'Custom-made.' That's all. But that doesn't just apply to stylish men's wear; it extends into all areas of a man's life. Bespoke also means being true to yourself and living a life that you create (instead of the other way around).

But, let's face it... fashion matters.  Just like you're looking at what she's wearing, she's looking at how you put yourself together, too. She may not be expecting you to wear the latest Prada slip-ons, but she will rate your attractiveness by whether she thinks you've got good taste and will fit in with her lifestyle vision.

We get it. Times have changed. Before Elvis, Burberry was worn in the trenches by soldiers at war, Ferragamo was a bankrupt shoemaker, and Polo by Ralph Lauren was as inconceivable as the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future. And, until recently, most men (except for a bunch of rock stars and celebrities) couldn’t care less about fashion at all. Fashion was quite simply a chick thing.

But now there’s pressure. Tom Ford features tapered pants and your girl goes wild over them. You try them on and they look horrible because you’re just plain stocky. Then what? Your mom never taught you the rules of fashion because when you were growing up there were no rules of fashion. Women learned to never wear white shoes after Labor Day, but no one ever told you crew socks with shorts were an absolute “hells-to-the-no!”

One man who got it was Bernard Lansky, founder of Lansky Bros. men's store in Memphis, TN, where Elvis developed his personal style. His son Hal and granddaughter Julie Lansky are now running the iconic shop. "My father had an acute awareness of how important it was to support entertainers especially Elvis Presley. He created unique looks that created a market for entertainers to wear on stage and truly stand out. And we are continuing his legacy by creating contemporary yet classically cool styles that musicians and fashion forward men from around the world come to Lansky Bros. to shop today," Hal said.

But you don't need to be a rock star to feel like one. It's understandable that lots of men are lost in the world of fashion. Everyone wants a guy to look thin, dress cool, and exude bespoke. So how do we get there?

First - understand that the real question we are asking ourselves is not how to look like an Esquire magazine model, but, "How do I make the woman in my life proud of me?"

Have no fear! Be The Man is here for you. We know that who you are matters. We want to help you be the most successful you can be in life... and love. So this blog is not just about Elvis or cool men's stuff (though we will include all that). It's a blog about BEING THE BEST MAN YOU CAN BE. It will be about all those gentlemanly things you never learned or just forgot along the way.

So here's to you, Elvis - the first truly bespoke icon for our first truly bespoke blog article.

Overcome those awkward "first" moments with these tips so you can Be The Man with dignity:

  1. If it’s raining on your first date, bring an umbrella. If you’re five minutes late to pick her up because you stopped at Target to buy one, you’re not a loser. You’re a hero. Do it.

  2. Do not take her to a roach motel on your first trip together. You can guarantee that she’ll check it out on Trip Advisor, read all the reviews and delete you from her contacts if it is not to her liking. Suggestion: let her choose, or at least approve, the place! *Hint: This also rings true for restaurants. No burgers until you're past the third date.)

  3. Do not pick up the first shirt you see in your closet and throw it on! It likely has last week’s dinner still stained on it or, heaven forbid, stinky pits. Drop it. Now. Think about making a good impression on her, and everyone else.

  4. If you are going to a nice restaurant, order an appetizer. A first course is essential in order for you to get to "dessert." Don’t be cheap. That is a huge turnoff.

  5. When you are leaving a restaurant in two separate cars, and you get to your car first, keep going and walk her to her car. There is nothing more rude than leaving a woman to walk by herself at night when you are safe and sound in your own car. You can also drive her to her car; but never, ever just abandon her midway.

  6. Always kiss her goodbye first thing in the morning before you leave for work, even if she’s sleeping. This starts the day out right for you... and for her.

  7. Have a first-class attitude in life. If you can afford it, fly first class. It really does make a difference. But, if you can’t afford it, don’t let that stop you. Still go on that awesome vacay.

  8. Never be so boring that she has to ask you to dance. Always ask her first, even if your feet hurt and you’re exhausted.

  9. Before you walk out of the house pimped up in paisley and plaid, ask her first if your clothes match. Do not be so arrogant that you think you are Elvis when you’re not! She’ll tell you the truth, and listen.

  10. Remember guys, when it comes to everything - and we do mean everything - the Golden Rule is and has always been simple: Ladies first.

In case you need a second opinion on whether you can wear those crew socks with shorts, check out these men's stores we love.

Lansky Bros. - This is the Clothier to the King. Go visit Hal and Julie and channel your inner Elvis. 

The Shirt Box - These guys know that men's style needs to be casual and comfortable, yet make an impact.

John Varvatos - Words can not express the coolness. Sexiness...accomplished.

1701 Bespoke - Serious about custom? Come to Detroit and have it done right.

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