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Be The Man Flowers
Yes, You Remembered.


Can Chivalry Be Saved?

Restoring your faith in manhood!

Be The Man Flowers

Yes, You Remembered.

Can Chivalry Be Saved?

Restoring your faith in manhood!

Let’s face it. We’ve all heard it. The deafening cry of a dragon slaying, spirit-killing nemesis eager to attack her prey when she says those dreadful, wincing four words… “Don’t waste your money.”


What did you do wrong?  Was it ugly?  Was it cheap?  Was it the wrong size?

Here’s the real skinny on what she’s thinking when she rejects your love.

  1. The quality is not up to her standards
  2. The color does not match her moods
  3. The size does not equal the amount of effort she thinks you should have expended

In other words, she doesn’t want a half-assed gift. She doesn’t want a Johnny-Come-Lately constellation prize.

She wants you to pay attention and BELIEVE IN HER.

If you were listening, you’d know she loves that shade of hot pink that matches five blouses in her closet.

If you did care, you’d know to send those flowers in advance of the holiday and they’d come delivered by someone besides you so she can be surprised and have a moment to process them without you breathing down her neck. Better yet, you’d send them to her office so she can be a show-off for the week. Every girl will be jealous of her and every guy will think she married a rock star.

If you were appreciative, you’d maximize your generosity and buy the best you could afford from a high quality source – not something you spent five hours on just to get the bargain basement price when all that time you could have been rubbing her feet or massaging her shoulders or emptying the dishwasher.

Some women will say they hate flowers because they die. This is such a Gen-X mentality. The problem is some women have never learned to receive. They have spent their lives trying to control everyone and everything that they simply do not know how to say “Thank you.”  This is a problem we need to overcome. Here’s how to do it:

Surprise her for no reason at all and expect nothing in return.

Keep doing this over and over again.

Flowers are just the beginning. They do not replace memories that last a lifetime. Do more acts of kindness like taking her out for a nice dinner, spending time with her where she wants to go, and lifting her spirit with things that nurture her soul.

Chivalry, like flowers, is a gift of the moment. Gentlemen, we have to own this gift. We have to keep giving like there’s no tomorrow. There is no such thing as money wasted when it comes from your heart. So, when it comes to giving from your heart, give the best. Give the most you can. Go the extra mile for yourself because it makes you feel good. And when you feel good, your attractiveness meter skyrockets.

Then when she says, “Honey, you shouldn’t have… “, you can say “I’m glad I did.”

Be The Man Flowers: Yes, You Remembered.

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