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What Women Want for Valentine’s Day Is… BLISS!

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What Women Want for Valentine’s Day Is… BLISS!

If knowledge is power why do they say ignorance is bliss?

Knowledge and ignorance are clearly opposites, but power and bliss are synonyms. Yes, these are the crazy thoughts that run through my head sometimes. But something is amiss here, so I started wondering…

What powerful person doesn’t also crave bliss? A good trip to Italy…or maybe Bali... a massage from a woman with really strong hands…or, if you’re like me, a simple day of thumb presses to the remote control is all I truly need to embrace my inner bliss. But none of these things seem particularly ignorant…even my NFL binges require some degree of math skills!

So this got me thinking even further. Have I been taking the easy road with women, and now my wife, because I think staying ignorant about what truly makes her happy is going to somehow, miraculously generate a deep sensation of bliss?

To quote Trump during the campaign…”WRONG!”

I have had it all wrong…ignorance is not bliss. Hiding in my man cave hoping she’s not angry with me is no way to live.

I realized I need to know what motivates her. What drives her bliss? How can I tap into it and unleash a power so joyful she exudes bliss? Who would not agree that is the ultimate turn-on?

Guys, it doesn’t take ignorance…it takes knowledge. We’ve been sold a rotten sack of potatoes with this ignorance is bliss formula – or should I say recipe for disaster – it’s time we must change. You and I must… Be The Man.

During the holidays my team set out to point-blank ask people what they want to receive. We figured that was a good time to pick each other’s brains while we are all in the giving spirit. It’s not rocket science – it’s no shocker that most of the responders were women. When we post promotions for Be The Man on our Facebook page, guess who likes them? WOMEN! They only wish someone would think of them and surprise them with a loving act of kindness….

Now that you have this knowledge will you use it to create more bliss in your life?

Here’s what we know to be true:

When someone hosts a party, the number one item they want a guest to bring is a flower arrangement (47.6%), followed by a food dish, chocolate or candy, and a gift for their home. Let’s be honest with ourselves, I think we can make the leap that they just don’t want flowers when throwing a party. They want them anytime!

We asked why someone wouldn’t bring a gift – 14.3% of responders did not even think about bringing anything at all! This is really pathetic…didn’t your mama teach you anything about not walking in empty-handed? Even when you can’t afford an expensive gift, you should always be thoughtful and spend a few dollars anyway – or make something with love!

In the end, it IS the thought that counts. And using that same logic, being thoughtless counts AGAINST you! If this resonates with you, that’s why you are in the doghouse time and time again.

I don’t mean to sound cruel fellas, but someone needs to tell us the truth…man to man. She can tell us a million times but until we hear it from each other her voice will continue to stay on the reality side of those Bose headphones. That’s just what is.

But we are also hurting ourselves when we tune her out completely – see the whole bliss thing above. Her bliss is your bliss…remember? Yes, You Remembered.

Don’t sell yourself short, Be The Man this Valentine’s Day.

And, as always, stay out of the doghouse! Not much bliss happens there.

Be The Man Flowers
Yes, You Remembered.

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